When can I expected a response to my issue?

Response times are defined by our Service Level Agreement and depend on the severity of the issue.

We aim to respond to all issues within four hours of receipt and will prioritise further action according to the following criteria:


This means the product’s primary features have ceased to function and is having a critical business impact.

Smartway2 will make all Support personnel available to work through the problem with the customer and provide, at least, an effective workaround. Any code changes required for a permanent fix will be made available in the earliest available release of the Solution. 


This means the product’s secondary features have ceased to function and is not having a critical impact on the business.

Smartway2 aim to provide a solution to the problem within 1 working day. Code changes required for a permanent fix will be included in the next service pack.


Any issue that does not cause a system failure and has no detrimental affect on the customer’s ability to use the product. Any fix for verified defects will be included in normal maintenance releases. Smartway2 reserve the right to defer a fix for Low priority items until a future release.

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